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instead... ♪ i wonder how many times >> simon: in the late '60s, a singer-songwriter named rodriguez cut a couple of records that got great reviews but bombed. well, they didn't sell in america, but in south africa, for some reason, rodriguez was bigger than elvis or the beatles. but rodriguez didn't know a thing about it. unbelievable, right? well, just wait until you hear the rest of his story. >> stahl: you're a role model and you know it. >> i think it's my responsibility to know it. well, good evening, los angeles! ( cheers and applause ) >> stahl: taylor swift is a role model to millions of fans who pack into arenas all over the world to hear the 22-year-old sing songs she writes herself. >> ♪ every little thing... >> stahl: her shows are extravaganzas, and we were allowed backstage to watch taylor run in and out of quick- change rooms, getting ready to hit the stage. ( cheers and applause ) i love the holidays. and with my bankamericard cash rewards credit card, i love 'em even more. i earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatically. no hoops
," you are cleared to proceed. have a good flight. >> simon: two swiss gentlemen have built a plane which they hope to fly across the united states next spring, and then around the world, without burning an ounce of fuel. the plane is called "solar impulse," and it's powered entirely by the sun. it's not the first solar airplane, but it is the first that can fly at night. >> four, three, two, one. go! we made it! we made it! >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm leslie stahl. >> i'm bob simon. >> i'm lara logan. >> i'm anderson cooper. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories tonight on "60 minutes." tdd#: 1-800-345-50e d. llover your old 50 find new wa0 so if 50 tdd#: 1-800-345-50u can receivep llover your old 50 find new wa0 so if 50 it [ all kids ] faster! ok, what's fast? um, my mom's car and a cheetah. okay. a spaceship. a spaceship. and what's slow? my grandma's slow. would you like it better if she was fast? i bet she would like it if she was fast. hm, maybe give her some turbo boosters. tape a cheetah to her back. tape a cheetah to her back? seems like you have thought about this before. [ male
. paul simon is a friend of soto's family and he sang one of her favorite songs. sandy hook survivors will return to school in january, but at a different school. crews are decorating their classrooms to look like their old school. >>> the president called on congress to work on an assault weapons ban. he plans to released new policy proposals to reduce gun violence. >> the fact that this problem is complex can no longer be an excuse for doing nothing. the fact that we can't prevent every act of violence doesn't mean we president cay steadily steadily -- does president mean we can't steadily reduce the violence. >> they will give the recommendation in january. >> the mourners received support from a sikh congress tbraw gages in -- congregation in fairfield. after a vigil thisy discussed issues such as guns and mental health. they also invited people of all religions to join them and further the conversation. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the school shooting tragedy in newtown, connecticut. we will sign up for the breaking news alert on abc7 >>> a lawsuit has
into their neighborhood south of market. 53-year-old david simons a violent registered sex offender. >> reporter: there's a flyer in every mailbox on mission street, alerting tenants, registered sex offender david simons just moved in. the manager is uneasy. >> i don't like it, but we are going to give it a try and see what happens. >> reporter: simons was just released after serving 24 years convicted of violent sex crimes against children under 14. >> he's classified as a sexually violent predator. parents, children have a right to be noticed. >> reporter: patty now has a picture of simons on her phone. she works next door to his hotel. >> if he's out and about, that scares me. i'm going to post his picture somehow and get it posted in our lob >> reporter: we phone david simons using a pay phone at the -- hotel and tried to speak with him. police notified neighbors. should they be concerned you are living here now? no comment from simons no longer on probation or parole. >> that's worse he's not being watched? he should be supervised. >> reporter: the chief says he hopes his department never has a ne
. let's get over it mary thompson. >> hey, simon, before we do, a quick market update. popping an retreating after the announcement of the statement president obama will make at 1:30. can you vietnam action in the dow industrials. caterpillar and ge suggesting return. the indication moving to session lows today. these are the groups where the enclave right now. now, i will turn it over to jim and the rest of the traders here on the floor of the new york stock exchange for time honored tradition since the depression, and the singing of wait until the sun shines again. mr. mcguire? ♪ wait until the sun shines, as clouds go drifting by ♪ ♪ we will be happy, nelly, don't you cry ♪ ♪ ♪ sweetheart you and i ♪ wait until the sun shines, nelly, 12340e ♪ >> with breaking news from washington, john harwood. john? >> i just add conversation with an aide who confirmed there is a deal on the middle class tax cuts pks and it appears they agreed on threshold of $450,000 for families, $400,000 for individuals. that's a narrower gap at that income level tp. it is designed to cat
lose her job as a judge on a talent show? why simon cowell reportedly calls her toxic to the show's success. >>> and good morning, everyone. we've got a lot to get to this last week of 2012. can you believe this year is almost over? and of course, we're going to start the show with weather. take a look at snow falling overnight in illinois. the year ending with a one-two punch of nasty weather for much of the country. ginger zee will tell us how it will affect your travel plans. >> nothing makes ginger happier than a big winter storm. we'll talk to her in just a moment. >>> speaking of travel. this is exactly what you do not want to hear after you've ponied up for a christmas cruise on "the queen mary 2." the captain warning passengers not to use the public bathrooms or eat at the buffet. we'll have that coming up. >>> and battling a stomach bug is not an ideal to lose weight. but shooting pounds is always at the top of the list for new year's resolutions. if that's your plan, we have a feline that can help. meet tiny tim. in one year, this cat lost 20% of his body weight. we'll t
, the principal and teacher victoria soto. paul simon is a friend of soto's family and he sang one of her favorite songs. sandy hook survivors will return to school in january, but at a different school.crews crews are decorating their classrooms to look like their old school. >>> the president called on congress to work on an assault weapons ban. he plans to released new policy proposals to reduce gun violence. >> the fact that this problem is complex can no longer be an excuse for doing nothing. the fact that we can't prevent every act of violence doesn't mean we president cay steadily steadily -- does president mean we can't steadily reduce the violence. >> they will give the recommendation in january. >> the mourners received support from a sikh congress tbraw gages in -- congregation in fairfield. after a vigil thisy discussed issues such as guns and mental health. they also invited people of all religions to join them and further the conversation. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the school shooting tragedy in newtown, connecticut. we will sign up for the breaking news alert on
it outloud. >> charlie: simon, i knew of dickens because of his books but knew less about his love of the theater. tell me about that and how important it was to him. >> it was all consuming from a very, very early age, this great, great gifts of performance. he would stand on the table in the local pub and tell stories and sing songs. he went to the theater at a very early age in chatham. fell in love it and fell in love with the process of making theater. went to rehearsals of the amateur company run by his step cousin. he as soon as he possibly could he started acting himself. there was a serious desire on his part at one point to become an actor. he actually applied for an audition to the common garden theater and simply illness stopped him from taking it up. then the audition was deferred to the next season. instead he was invited to become a parliamentary reporter of his uncle's newspaper. then his destiny it were was set in that direction. he kept on harking back to the theater and performed many many places by other people. ben johnson, shakespeare and so on. he became a gr
, simon cowell has a brand new reality of his own. something is going on behind the scenes and it involves someone very special. you will not believe who simon cowell is dating. i'm a little jealous. i didn't think simon had that kind of game. >> it is surprising. >> apparently he does. he does have that money. that's true. >>> we begin with killer blizzard slamming the midwest, turning roads into danger zones. >> a foot of snow fell on des moines, 20 inches in madison, shutting down that city. and this morning, the storm is now moving east. warnings and watches are posted in 13 states. tens of thousands of folks without power and 500 flights canceled in the windy city alone. abc's ginger zee now reports from iowa. >> reporter: an aggressive winter storm carrying thrashing winds and blowing snow has shut down major highways across the midwest and killed at least five people. there have been more than 1,000 spinouts and crashes from nebraska to wisconsin. in iowa, it was a 25-car pileup on i-35. so many people stranded on roads across that state, the iowa national guard has mobilized 80 tro
engine in it, and an electric motor. >> simon is... he's completely crazy. there is nothing that he thinks we can't do. i mean, who the hell else would've thought of using a harley davidson engine and a magnetic clutch from a combine coupled to an electric motor? the answer to that question is no one. >> this is the original engine that ford put in this car. we're gonna get rid of all this weight, and all this spaghetti and everything else. and this is what we're going to put back in. we're gonna use an electric motor. we're gonna hook up that gasoline engine, and the two of them together will give us unbelievable efficiency, and not only that, but the car will run extremely clean. >> this might even be more ghetto than usual. we found milk crates. i think we're gonna build the, uh, the prototype battery box out of milk crates, so it's a new low for us. >> so, we have to get everything in the car, the battery packs, make sure the motors are running, just to make sure that we can test it out before the competition. >> there's a little mathematical formula that tells us how much curre
businessman richard simon long before he ran this cleaning company was a chicago police officer moonlighting as a chauffeur to the so-called king of the janitors ben stein a notorious rush street playboy and a friend to members of the mob jim wagner investigated and he says this about stalin. >> law enforcement had stories about him taking over parties in bars with his friends he ran a maintenance company that had contracts in numerous different companies in chicago. today one of simon's top executive his ex- con, in the '80s osco was convicted of running a donnie insurance firm as part of a scheme to defraud the labor union won by his father. today the company issued a statement saying it simon purchased the business in 2009 more than 16 years after foster was hired by the previous owner but they failed to mention that simon worked for in ran the business for over two decades. today the mayor defended his choice. we will have a vigorous enforcement to make sure everybody lives by and appropriately stands by the law. >> but as we first reported this is not the only questionable practice by
are, william alexander, "goblin secrets." [applause] published by margaret k. books, simon and schuster's children's publishing. a wholly original fantasy about masking and finding. kerry, out of reach. [applause] published by simon bowles, simon & schuster's children's publishing, a story of the links of love and loss. patricia mccormick, never fall down. [applause] published by harper's and collins, a harrowing and bravely told story of survival and resilience during the timely -- [inaudible] spent elliott, endangered. [applause] published by scholastic books, a story of love and empathy that extends beyond all boundaries, even though the line between species. steve, bomb. [applause] the race to build and steal the world's most dangerous weapon, published by flashpoint, an imprint of roaring brook press. a riveting thriller of a book that tells of the birth of a new age. to all these writers, thank you. thank you for your work. and thank you for what it will mean to young readers in our nation. this year's national book award for young peoples literature goes to william a
sister simone campbell. (cheers and applause) hello, thank you so much for coming back. good to see you. >> thank you, good to see you. >> now sister you were here once before. >> that's right. >> during the campaign. you and your fellow or sistronuns got on a bus watch. did you call this bus. >> nunns on the bus. >> it was an obvious cois. >> could have been nuns on a helicopter,. >> we couldn't afford that. >> okay. >> we are a low budget operation. >> that is because are you advocating for the poor. >> that's right. >> stephen: if you advocate for rich people you get a private jet. >> but we don't stand with jesus if that happens. >> jon: what are you talking about, jesus wants me to prosper. >> but jesus invite you to the major, to the side of the poor. >> stephen: hold it right there, nunsy, hold it right there okay. stop stampeding me with your appeal to the jesus it is christmastime. >> it is. >> stephen: why do we have to talk about the poor. keep it light it is a happy time of the year. >> that's exactly what jess sus all about. >> stephen: what are you-- he didn't even have a
you very much. this year's public defender simon will be an interesting day, full of cutting edge issues. gang violence and brain science and crime, these are issues at the forefront and deserve all of our attention. this is a greatat>> your going p with me because i liked to wander around and see faces. you have learned more about me that a lot of people know. for the last 10 years i have been married to someone who was a deputy chief of the lapd and i now refer to him as being in recovery. at the same time, i have been working extensively with home with industries, and my brother said, if he had dreamed i would be married to a policeman and working with a priest, somebody would be lying. i have been working with gangs and been involved with gangs, trying to figure them out for 34 years. i began as a young social worker in south los angeles. with gang infested housing projects that are now almost mythic, jordan downs and nickerson gardens, and i worked in these projects during what is referred to as the decade of death, when crack and unregulated gun availability laid waste to co
have worked for many years as a senior editor and also at simon & schuster as well. i have been around the block. a bit of a veteran in august. but we have learned so many things in this conference so far. such a delight in such a pleasure to have heard the wonderful keynote speech. the report from the frontline with so many countries like russia and south africa, to learn that the first encounter between europe and the new world, but between the conquistadors and into was over a book. with thomas jefferson and the wondrous discussion register. such a vibrant discussion. it is wonderful to know that it will go forward around the world. what we have learned is that the book culture is changing. although we all know, i think in our hearts, books provide a world of books which we have known for so long. to which we have dedicated our lives to visit did and has done from school to book from mouth to people. leather bound tomes to pocket books. i just finished writing a book which will come out next year. you know, libya would take a printing press on the battlefield and he would carry it a
. will 2013 be a lucky year for the sector? which tech titans might lead the new trends? simon hobbs is in at the new york stock exchange. >> good afternoon. when president obama arrives back in d.c., can he prevent america falling over the fiscal cliff? house republicans haven't yet called their members back to washington. our chief political correspondent, john harwood, is with us. john, this feels very much like it might be the calm before the storm in more way than one. >> it could be if we go over the cliff and the storm would be generated by the markets and the loss of confidence in american governance and the american economy, but that's not necessarily going to be the case. we still have a few days left. a white house official told me that there have been no progress over the last couple of days, but an aide to senator harry reid told me there's still a 50/50 chance we get a mini deal that would put off the effects of the cliff at least temporarily and a 50/50 chance of that happening before january 1st. so even though there's a small number of days, sometimes the urgency of
piece bob simon did for 60 minutes showing you conducting a youth orchestra in la. >> uh-huh. >> rose: during a practice. here it is. >> on saturdays all the kids get together in an orchestra. today we were there, so was gustavo, who has been conducting youth orchestras back in venezuela since he was 13 and has his own way to get musicians to understand the music. >> what do you want to play first? >> ah, okay. one, and -- no, no, no, tempo, together. la, la, la. la, la, la. it is like a man talking to a girl, you know. la, la, la re fa. >> do re mi. >> maybe. okay. none of these kids knew anything about classical music before they came here. but gustavo knows that the program does a lot more than teach music, it builds character, discipline and teamwork. and he keeps kids off the streets. >> it is how we started, i remember this overture, would play, you know, i play as a child, and it is amazing, because to see the transformation of these children, not because of the rehearsal, it is because the power of music, how it can change the life, and what you cannot see there is the paren
and more republicans are coming to that conclusion, simon. we saw even yesterday, john cornyn, very conservative senator of texas, chaired the senate campaign committee said at the end of the day, we are going to have to extend these tax cuts for people under $250,000 bob corker said the same thing, tom cole in the house said the same thing h the question's going to be how do you get members of the house republican caucus to vote that way? many of them are from very conservative districts, they don't accept the logic or the reasoning, it is not an easy thing politically or culturally for them to go along and that is john boehner's challenge. >> thanks, john, see you later, john harwood live there from washington. >>> if you think our nation's cap stall dramatic, take a look at this video. lawmakers from the ukraine's ruling party and the opposition literally fought each other on the floor of the country's parliament yesterday. the lawmakers are coming to blows over the election of parliamentary officials. ukraine's ruling party only has a very slim majority of seat he is. lawmakers
children. simon joins us with the latest. what doing about the investigation so far. >> one man has been arrested and according to reports second has been made. police are not commenting, but they say they are still looking for witnesses including one man in particular. they're continuing to examine the context of the bag found at the train station. the unconfirmed reports suggested contained butane gas, ammonium nitrate, an alarm clock, and batteries. what they have not found is a detonator. it's not yet clear whether this was a live ball or just equipment. >> what do we know about the one man who has been arrested? >> he has been identified by his lawyer as omar d. he is a known as llamas the extremist and the as a member of a small group of about 15 people of somali origin who describe themselves as german shabab. les have known about him for some time. he was one of two men they pulled off a plane in cologne in 2008 because they feared they were heading to take part in a terrorist training camp in east africa. islamists have targeted train stations, at least one, before in germany. i
the generals. >> guest: simon & schuster pushed up the publication of the book in large part a reaction to the ongoing scandal. so it's going to be late january and now it's beginning of january. >> host: we want to look at award wonders of 2012, national book awards this admission, catherine who, behind the beautiful forever is one this year. but the other nominees included and appelbaum, passage of power, jamaica martinez, the bookings contact cincinnati-based elite shaheed, house of stone. any comment on this? >> guest: i either anthony sheehy wrote a great deal. i read it just after he had died. she was a writer for the washing can post in "the new york times" and diet related to an asthma attack while covering the civil war in syria. his book is a memoir. he grew up in oklahoma full places, and american lebanese family. became a reporter and his life mission was to try to explain, which is no easy thing to do. he covered more than an issue for in the course of the first marriage and death buying the family's old ramshackle house somewhere in lebanon. i forget the name of the villag
'll be back. stay with us. maestro gustavo dudamel, sir simon once called him quote the most astonishingly giftsed conductor i have ever come across. he is the music director of the simon bolivar symphony organize trav venz venses and the los angeles fill har fonic. here he is performing with the l.a. philharmonic. ♪ . >> rose: do you feel some sense of responsibility because of the position you hold now around the world to introduce the world to latin america and music? >> oh, absolutely, of course. but look, for us the most important thing is to put our music in the same level of how to say, of importance, as beethoven, as or nono, especially talking about modern composers. because when we talk about our music we are talking about music of the 20th century. especially 20th century and that is the important thing. can't you imagine, i was thinking this this is all new music for many people, you know. the concerts are sold out. you know, it's something very special because people are coming with this kind of question, you know, with this kind of what we will listen. but i think at the sa
of the role of the military and the role of generals. >> one side benefit that simon and schuster put up -- push the publication of the book in large part is a reaction to the ongoing scandal. is going to be late january and now is the beginning of january. >> we will look at the award winners of 2012, national book award we just mentioned, behind a beautiful forevers won the national book award but the other nominee including iron curtain, robert caro's the passage of power, the boy king of texas and anthony shadid 's house of stone. any comment on those? >> i admire the anthony shgadid book, i read it after he died, he was a longtime reporter for the washington post and the new york times and died of apparently related to an asthma attack while covering the war in syria. his book is a memoir, he grew up in oklahoma of all places, an american lebanese family, ended up fascinated by the middle east, became a reporter, his life mission was to try to explain this region to america which is no easy thing to do. he covered more than his share of wars and in the course of that, his first marr
to the show, a former obama presidential campaign aide. we welcome back nan hayworth and mark simone. nan, let me begin with you, please. you're a doctor. >> yes. >> i know you're not a mental health doctor. but it has been alleged that he has asperger's syndrome, personality disorders -- nobody knows. does mental health play a huge role in this, from what you know? >> well, i'm the mother of two sons as well. i just can't imagine the scene at that elementary school. and of course the families whose children survived. these children who witnessed this. there's no explanation for these things, clearly, larry. and this is the latest in a series of shootings this year. every one of them has been perpetrated by someone who has been deemed to be exceedingly mentally ill. we do have a problem as a society in identifying those who need help so that they won't do these things. and it's a very, very difficult problem. it's going to need a lot of concentrated effort. >> mark simone, we are a big country. and i still believe we are a great country, even though we have our own problems as illustrated trag
. >>reporter: police are warning neighbors about this man53 year old david simons --- released from prison this month after serving 24 years for sexually assaulting children. he's considered a sexually violent predator. >> >> a violent predator is the worst of the worst, the most serious type of sexual offender, so it is our responsibility to alert the community. >>reporter: he now lives at hotel potter, south of market. inspectors visited his new home and handed out leaflets to people living in the building, alerting them of his presence. some did not welcome the news. >> they shouldn't let people out like that. they should keep him locked up. they got kids playing in parks and stuff like that. we don't need that around here. >>reporter: while karsene mcfadden feels strongly about his new neighbor, others believe simons has paid his debt and deserves a second chance. >> my grandparents were sex offenders and i learnt how to deal with it. i know that there is hope and anybody can change. >> he knows what his restrictions are and we don't have to be a constant reminder of that. i'm sure he
padre. no, no, no pon dos cafés a mi cuenta. está bien. ♪ su café. y para él, gracias. padre simon ¿nos puede acompañar? sí. ah, lo siento. me necesitan, otra vez será. ♪ cayó desde allá arriba y se quebró el cuello. ¿un accidente? no lo sé, habrá que hacer los exámenes de rigor. ♪ hola, eminencia. burn storlber de múnich, no lo entiendo ¿por qué estamos acá? yo tenía una cita ayer en la noche con el señor storlber en mi oficina en el vaticano. entiendo. lo dudo mucho. hace una semana me envió este correo electrónico ♪ si es cierto lo que dice aquí, sería muy bueno. si eso fuera cierto pero el señor storlber ya no nos puede dar más información al respecto, dios se apiade de su alma ¿qué espera de mí? quiero que investigue esto. ¿en múnich? sí, allá usted tiene buenas relaciones con las autoridades. entiendo, ¿quiere que llame a la señora blank y le pida un favor en nombre suyo? en el nombre de la iglesia. por supuesto eminencia ¿cuánto es el 25% de 60? no sé. lisa, mañana es la prueba y los porcentajes son importantes. pero la abuela d
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 290 (some duplicates have been removed)